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We are a Boutique

Creative Media Firm

masterPLAN is a different kind of digital development firm. While we do everything other companies do; web development, graphic design, brand development and management, etc… What we love is technology and we love to use it to elevate our clients in ways they never considered. 


Okay, we all know boxes, Limitations on Thinking, exist. The balance, as we see it, is to keep our thinking from becoming entangled in small boxes. Our history of assisting business and commerce on the internet began in 1997. It’s fair to say, looking back, most thinking was done within a very, very small box. Imagine a time when 99% of businesses had to be convinced they needed a website. In 2003, the boxes popped back up when business seemed unaware of Social Media Platforms. Technology appears to be consistently driving the box down in size. 


A New Language

Content writers long ago discovered using language that grabs attention is more important than proper grammar. Once you have their attention, authenticity wins the day. Make every interaction with your audience as authentic as a personal conversation.

From Culture to Content

There has probably never been a time in the past 20 years that reaching your audience, keeping your audience, has been more of a challenge. Right now, someone is producing content, in the proper medium, proper platform and they are talking to your audience.

Strategic Development

Your business is unique, your company culture is unique. Your Content Strategy must be unique as well. You need to speak to your existing audience while introducing yourself to others. They need to know why you do what you do. Making it easy to understand and connect with. 

Pull for the Peripheral

The world is moving fast and eyes are not staring out the windows. Entertainment, communication and information is on a small screen right in front of them. Attention is the goal. You must give them a reason to stop, don’t look away, respond.

Branding Aesthetics

The best business is like the best life; it functions by design. It is designed to make a difference, to solve a problem. It is as precious as a child to the person who created it. If it has a problem, you want a thinking mind addressing and correcting it. 

Platform Deployment

If you want to gamble, hope dying mediums will return to greatness. Driving business through content, captured and delivered with advancing technology. The tools are advancing, getting more compact, more versitile. They are in your pocket, and in the air.

Driving Commerce.

You will find that the decision to trade is made for various reasons. The strongest exchange made in any business is one based on relationships. A decision based on trust and a feeling of mutual gain. These relationships can be the difference between success and failure in smaller, local companies.

This is the most valuable form of trade. It is the most mutually satisfying and a great number of businesses never experience it. This type of atmosphere is the most difficult to create. The culture of the company must be the focus. Finding that audience that believes what you believe and could not imagine trading elsewhere. More than just clients and customers, they become evangelists that spread the word at every opportunity.

The Need for Attention

The old saying; Location, Location, Location… rarely applies. In this market you need to be everywhere. Some places more than other places but, everywhere is critical.

This is the mission. Commerce is driven by attention, where your clients become your greatest advocates.

When you work hard, think hard, you play hard. Surround yourself with the beauty to inspire you for tomorrow.

Tunnel vision can get the best of us. Sometimes, an outside eye can find solutions that have existed and been overlooked.


Where it Begins and Ends

Design is at the core of all we love. Industrial Design, CAD Design, Graphic Design, it doesn’t really matter. Because of this masterPLAN is a company that treats every aspect of business as a design, as a solution to a problem.

The focus is always on a solution and that is why we are here. It is why you may love working with us. It may be why you kick us out of your office and hope you never see us again. 

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